GCS Malta COVID-19 Support Measures

The following measures are to aid businesses who have been critically hit by the pandemic. A total of €1 million has been allocated by GCS Malta towards these support measures.


GCS Malta is allocating, a total of €150,000 to offer businesses a total of 300 Accounting transactions per annum while paying for only 200 transactions.

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An allocation of €50,000 to aid business with payroll by offering 3 months of payroll services for free when signing up to 1 year worth of payroll.

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Audit & Tax

€350,000 invested by GCS Malta to aid businesses by offering a total of €1,000 off when signing up for 3 years worth of Auditing services.

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A budget of €250,000 allocated to critically hit businesses by giving 1 free recruitment placement.

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A €50,000 budget allocated to aid businesses by offering 50% off when purchasing a 1-year contract of Facebook & Instagram post designs.

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Human Resources

A total allocation of €150,000 by GCS Malta to aid critically hit businesses by offering Recruitment training at just €200 per person.

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Refer to all Terms and Conditions as per Offers T&Cs found at the bottom of the page.