How COVID-19 affected recruitment

How COVID-19 affected recruitment

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many industries around the globe including the recruitment industry. Many familiar methods used in the recruitment process needed to be replaced with more innovative methods. For example; face-to-face interviews were replaced with live video calls. Following are some examples of how the pandemic has changed the recruitment industry.


Remote working became a global solution for companies who can carry out their services away from the work environment. This is to prevent unnecessary travel and face-to-face interaction. Thus, job interviews could not take place in the office, however, live video calls employing Skype, Zoom or other video platforms, were utilised. 

Onboarding new employees remotely

Even though most companies were working remotely, new employees joining the team had to be introduced and go through the process remotely. The lack of face-to-face interaction did not prove to be a great onboarding experience; however, it was not an impossible one either. 

More open applications, fewer available jobs

As the pandemic hit a lot of businesses worldwide, the toll on profits was felt. As a result, unfortunately, companies had to lay off people to keep up with expenses. This created more candidates looking for jobs, but available jobs continued to get less. Incorporating modern recruitment tools to your recruitment process will help with the increasing number of applications. 

The GCS Recruitment App is a modern tool used by the professional recruitment team at GCS Malta. The app has the latest artificial intelligence embedded allowing both the recruiters and the users to have a user-friendly and effective recruitment process. 

GCS Malta is a corporate service provider that offers all corporate services under one roof. Six support measures have been created where €1 million has been allocated by GCS Malta to aid businesses who were critically hit by the pandemic. Click here for more information and to apply for GCS Malta’s COVID-19 support measures.

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