How to Rock Facebook Marketing in 2020

How to Rock Facebook Marketing in 2020

With the rise and even some new introductions of social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok), it’s safe to say that Facebook still remains the number one platform used by businesses. Hence, as part of your marketing strategy for 2020, Facebook should be implemented. The marketing team at GCS Malta outline three main things you should start doing within your business to improve your Facebook marketing in 2020.

Content that Get a Positive Reaction

A recent analysis of how people prefer to consume content on Facebook (by Buffer), concludes that video is the way forward. As reported by Buffer, in his report on Facebook marketing, posts that include video get 59% more engagement than images, links or plain text. Posts that include only links are the least effective for marketing, earning 76% less engagement compared to video. The report also pointed out that even link posts containing images are very likely to be ignored by users scrolling through their feed. The best way to avoid this and attract as many people as possible is to stop sharing links!

To increase engagement and organic reach on social media, your content’s message should focus on:



Practical (How-to) 

Don’t invest on mediocre quality

Test. Learn. Repeat.

The above marketer’s mantra should be applied across all businesses when it comes to social media marketing. Start off by creating a calendar to schedule your content. Make sure to leave enough time between uploads to analyse the performance of your posts through the insights available on Facebook. 

Segment to Convert, or How to Make Content for One

The paradox of social media is that it’s designed to connect the masses, but the masses demand from it an experience that appeals to one person only. Social media is designed to connect the masses; however, the user wants to have a tailored experience. To overcome this, segmenting your audience will allow you to create the right content to reach your target audience. Which ultimately, will lead to an increase in engagement. 

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