Relocation tips from our recruiters


Relocation tips from our recruiters

When it comes to recruitment, especially one that involves relocation services, GCS Malta is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’ve secured a new job or are moving to find better work opportunities, relocating can be a stressful period. Our top recruiters at GCS Malta have compiled a few tips to help make this process an easier one.

1.    Keep track of your finances.

Relocation costs can sum up to be quite costly when new housing, rentals and hiring movers are involved. Our tip is to create a budget and do not exceed it, whilst keeping in mind that you might not need everything at once, so allocate your budget well.

2.    Research your new area.

It’s always a good idea to research a bit about the new place you shall be living, such as; the location, where to live, schools and entertainment. Do use the internet and social media as research tools. Open forums, Facebook and Twitter groups are a great way to get intel from people who have lived or live in your new location. 

3.    Calculate your quality of life.

Part of your research needs to include finding out the lifestyle of your new location. For example; if you will be moving to a larger city, most likely it will be more expensive, however, in certain cases, salaries will be adjusted accordingly. Do consider what your spending habits will be in your new destination, in order to prevent any unwanted extra costs.

4.    Become a list person.

With such a move, you cannot just rely on your memory. Take note of anything that pops to mind, from changing your address to packing the new clothes you just bought for your new job. Whilst you’re in the zone, we also suggest creating a box that will be kept handy to include all your necessities during those first two/three days. Also, be prepared to be busy during your first week, so be organised when packing.

5.    Ask for assistance.

When moving for a new job, most likely your new employer will want to make things as smooth as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

6.    Enjoy the experience.

Look at this new adventure in a positive light. Enjoy experiencing a new city and culture, potentially a new language, meeting new people and reinventing yourself.

GCS Malta has a professional and experienced recruitment team that offers relocation services. Our team understands that with recruitment comes relocation possibilities and we are more than happy to help you find the opportunity you are looking for or to help your business find the next best employee. For all your recruitment needs get in touch with us now by sending an email to [email protected]

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