It’s that time of year again— the stores are filled with bright, chocolate-filled eggs, cute bunnies adorning the shelves, and vibrant floral decorations. Summer is just around the corner, and it can only mean one thing—Easter!

As the holiday of Easter approaches, churches are being decorated to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Adults and children eagerly exchange gifts and indulge in hot cross buns as festivities continue throughout the week. Starting with Good Friday and ending on Easter Sunday this year, 9 April, the day is filled with mass prayers and joyous spirit.

Celebrating Easter

Easter Sunday is a time when families come together to celebrate the joyous occasion with various traditions and customs. From baking special treats like carrot cake, hot cross buns, and sweet bread to exchanging chocolate-filled Easter eggs, this holiday provides an opportunity for loved ones to get together and make lasting memories. Additionally, many people enjoy traditional Easter meals like ham, lamb, and spring peas. No matter how families choose to mark the special day, the common thread is the same – spending quality time together and cherishing the spirit.

Celebrating Easter at GCS Malta

Here at GCS Malta, we celebrated Easter on the 10th of April.

We treated our employees to a traditional Maltese figolla, and they loved it!

We wanted to treat one of our followers as a gist of appreciation. Check out the Easter Egg competition winner here and follow our socials to be part of our next competition!


Why GCS Malta?

At GCS Malta, we appreciate and value small gestures. Our #GCSeers love working as #oneteam and aim to be #differentfromtherest. Check out our range of services and contact us for more information on how we can help grow your company.


Article written by Neil Psaila